E46 BMW M3 Turbo: Part 2 – Splitter, diffuser, 3.5-in exhaust, and dyno testing!


Here is the Magnaflow/BimmerWorld 3.5-in cat-back exhaust system mated to the section #2 portion of the exhaust, which was part of the HPF turbo kit.  MKC also used some high-temp gasket maker to ensure against leaks.


 And now for some close-up shots of this gorgeous carbon diffuser by BimmerWorld. 


The BimmerWorld diffuser features a nice wet-carbon weave throughout the whole diffuser.


We were even more pleased to see that the diffuser’s carbon weave (top) closely resembled the weave from our front splitter (bottom).


We showed you how to remove the lower section of an E46 M3 rear bumper in our Project E46 M3 series, specifically in Part 10.  You’ll be removing the same piece here, and attaching the outer section of the diffuser pretty much at the same attachment points.  Which holes to use should turn out to be fairly obvious when mock-fitting the diffuser onto the car.

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