Evaluating HKS Hipermax SP coilovers on the Mazda ND MX-5


The front Hipermax SP coilovers went in perfectly without issue. 

The coilovers were perfectly indexed to have the logos all facing the same way so after install everything was symmetrical giving a nice presentation.  We did not set the ride height, simply installed the shocks as is out of the box. 


As you can see the shock bodies of the front Hipermax SP dampers are a lot shorter than stock, lowering the car without adversely affecting the shock stroke. 
The Hipermax GT upper mounts are rubber mounted for a smooth quiet ride but the Hipermax ST has spherical bearing equipped solid upper mounts to ensure every bit of wheel motion is controlled by the damper, not squishing rubber.  The front damping adjustment is easily accessible with a knob on top of the shock shaft in the engine compartment. 
The rear Hipermax SP fit perfectly as well with no issues. Like the front we left the ride height as set by the HKS factory. 

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