Evaluating HKS Hipermax SP coilovers on the Mazda ND MX-5


Like the front shocks, the rear Hipermax SP coilovers have a much shorter body to lower the car without sacrificing wheel travel.  

Note that the rear shocks have tender springs that are not used in the front. We installed the rear shocks as is from HKS without messing around with the ride height or spring preload.


The rear shocks have a pillow ball spherical bearing upper mount like the front shocks. 

The adjuster is on top of the shock shaft like the fronts.  Normally this would be covered by the trunk liner which means you have to cut a hole in it to adjust the shocks, leave the liner out or partially disassemble the liner, none of which are very appealing.


HKS has a cleaver solution to this, flex cables to adjust the damping that can be relocated to the top of the trunk making adjustment quick and easy while keeping the trunk liner in place!

The rear HKS Hipermax SP dampers in place.

The rear Hipermax SP shocks have a spring rate of 6 kg/mm or more that 3x stiffer than stock. This is slightly softer than the 7 kg/mm of the MX-5 cup car suspension.


The front HKS Hipermax SP dampers installed. 

The front Hipermax SP coilovers have a spring rate of 8 kg/mm  or more that 3X the stiffness of the stock shocks!  This is still softer than the 12 kg/mm of the factory MX-5 cup car race suspension. Would the HKS SP coilovers ride too roughly for daily driving street use?

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