Evaluating the HKS Max IV SP S2000 Coilover Suspension System


Our test AP1 S2000 at stock ride height.
The front suspension is a conventional unequal length A arm.
You can see the shortness of the rear shocks here.  This is due to the need to increase trunk capacity by keeping the floor flatter. You can see that the stock shocks have remote accumulators so there is sufficient gas volume to keep the gas reaction forces from stacking up too much as the suspension compresses.  This is a trick that helps make a super short monotube ride decently. 
The rear shocks are nearly hidden by the fuel filler tube.  This makes removing them a bitch and adjusting with a conventional adjuster an even bigger bitch!
The passenger side shock mount is very easy to get to.  You can see how the short shock makes for a low shock tower and preserves trunk space.  Honda should have put just as much effort into locating the fuel filler tube!
The rear suspension is also a nice simple double A arm design.  It's relatively straightforward to remove the stock shocks. The upper mount is unbolted from the trunk side and the lower mount is unbolted from the lower control arm.  After that the shocks come right out.

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