Evaluating the HKS Max IV SP S2000 Coilover Suspension System


Then the upper control arm is unbolted from the chassis.  This allows you to swing it out of the way so you can remove the front coilovers.
The front arms are swung out of the way and now the lower mounts are unbolted to remove the stock shocks from the car.
The new HKS Max IV coilovers are shorter and larger in diameter than the stock setup.  A larger  piston means more piston bearing surface area for less net loading and a longer life. A bigger piston also means more fluid displacement and valve area for better damping control.
The new coilovers are slid into place and the upper control arm is reinstalled. 
The brake line bracket is clamped into place.  This method of attachment is a really good idea and we like that.
The car is about 1.5 inches lower with the HKS Max IV coilovers.  It looks a lot better lowered! The suspension will settle slightly lower than this as well after the first few hundred miles.  Avoid the temptation of messing with the ride height and going too low for looks.  You will mess up the suspension geometry and risk bottoming out in the wheelwells.

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