Event Coverage: The Octoberbeast Toyota Employee Car Show


Isuzu Vehicross? Yes please! It has a nice front guard on it too. Behind it is a Land Cruiser with a turbo diesel alsosporting big front guard. I think it would make a good zombie apocalypse vehicle.
The Land Cruiser also has a snorkel on it to get through those water crossings. Can zombies swim?
This Land Cruiser has been outfitted for some serious expedition work. It has high ground clearance, snorkel, and a shovel for digging among other additions. Oh yeah, fire extinguishers too as you just never know.
A big winch comes in handy for when getting stuck or pulling out other vehicles. Oh yeah, there’s a Chevy V8 under the hood to provide some extra torque and horsepower.
This truck is in a common state of modification for SoCal to play in the surrounding desert and rocky playgrounds around LA. The Land Cruiser behind it is modified to a different tune than the previous blue one. I can envision this one crossing the plains of Africa.
The interior is a super clean restoration. I really like the choice in door design along with the seating in the rear.

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