Event Coverage: The Octoberbeast Toyota Employee Car Show


Or you could build yourself a land speed ‘Busa. This one hit 200.4mph in a standing 1.5 mile event. The engine is a 2003 case with a 2008 stroker crank pushing the displacement out to 1441cc. On VP race fuel, the engine puts out 233hp and 134 lb-ft of torque.
Here are a few vehicles from many years past harking back to some of the good ole hot-rodding days. Johnny Law will probably key on the not-so-discrete supercharger poking out of the engine bay however.


As you can see, even though it’s a Toyota employee car show, you’ll find all sorts of vehicles as everyone is a universal gearhead. It’s also amazing the as-new condition you’ll find these vehicles in as many have been completely restored. So in closing, here’s a pair of Corollas older than me.

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