Event Coverage: The Octoberbeast Toyota Employee Car Show


Did I mention the desert playground surrounding LA? Every weekend, you’ll see toy haulers loaded with ATVs, dirt bikes, and sand rails heading out to the desert to go play. This particular Alumicraft Prerunner has a Chevy LS2 engine and the vehicle is used to pre-run Baja race courses along with competing in NORRA rally races.
Dedicated to street use is this Datsun. Yup, those are Volk TE37s. Yup, that’s a big front mount popping out below the bumper.
Keeping it in the family is an SR20DET engine of course.
This… uh, van/truck, Vanagon truck is a 1991 Doka transporter. This particular one is 4WD with a 1.6L turbo diesel. All the panels on the sides of the bed fold door for easier loading and unloading of cargo. This thing would probably be awesome to go up Big Bear or Mammoth for a snowboarding trip; throw all the boards in the rear and hop in the cab up front. Just have to make sure to have the in-tank fuel heater to keep the diesel from gelling over.
On my first ever trip to a drag strip I saw a GMC Typhoon. I remember the guy icing the intercooler between runs. This one is still in pristine condition. And hey, it’s SoCal, so you still see a good number of VW busses running around working as beach haulers carrying surf boards. This one is a 1965 and was restored over the span of a couple years.
SoCal is year-round motorcycle weather and you’ll see all types of bikes cruising along the Pacific Coast highway and through the canyons.

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