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Nerd’s Eye View: Exotics Racing LV02 and LV03

by Khiem Dinh

The car pictured up above is the higher spec LV03 car. With a Nissan VQ35DE V6 pumping out 330hp in a 2200lbs package, it hauls some serious ass by combining power:weight ratio with aerodynamic downforce and slicks. We will mostly be showing the lower spec LV02 which is essentially a lower power and lower grip version of the LV03 more suitable to entry level drivers.


With the bodywork on the car, you are not exactly sure what the car is. However, once some of the bodywork comes off, you can see this is a purpose built racecar with the tube chassis underneath. A large duct directs air from the two lower bumper openings to the heat exchangers. It was a relatively cool day at Autoclub Speedway this day, so one of the openings was taped off.
Stacked in front of the large aluminum radiator appears to be an oil cooler judging by the two braided lines popping out the side of the duct. The car appears to be easily serviceable as there’s tons of space around all the components. The front end appears to be easily replaceable also as it is just bolted to the main chassis. This car barely weighs anything (about 1800lbs), so a simple tow strap held on with a single bolt does the job.
The engine powering the LV02 cars is sourced from a Renault Clio. In Europe, there are Renault Clio RS cars to battle all the other hot hatches in Europe. Think Type-R, Golf R, Focus RS, and you get the idea. In this application, the 2.0L engine puts out around 230hp. So this car basically has the power of an S2000 with over a thousand pounds less weight to pull around. Helping produce the high hp/L figure is short runner, individual throttle body setup grabbing cold air from the top of the hood. Check out the engine mount bolted between the chassis and cam gear cover.
I believe the cable running between intake runners #2 and #3 is the throttle cable actuating the throttle bodies. At the end on runner #1 should be the throttle position sensor. This engine uses good old fashioned port fuel injection as you can see by all the fuel injectors attached to the base of the intake runners. Again, everything is within easy reach which should make this car cheap and easy to maintain.

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