Exotics Racing EXR Racing Series Cars


Well, the coolant overflow bottle and brake fluid reservoir (I think) are easy enough to reach. Just to the left of the coolant bottle appears to be a fire suppression spray nozzle.
The header is a tri-Y design and it looks to be OEM from the Renault Clio judging by how it is constructed, but I could be wrong. In the Clio, the engine sits transverse, but of course it is longitudinal in this application. On another note, notice the engine is sealed as shown by the two blue locks. This is to prevent cheating of course.
Look closely at a number of the bolts around the car and they are all paint marked. This is good practice of course to quickly see if any come loose. Look down and to the left, there’s a little transmission mount attached to the bell housing. Judging from this little mount and the big one at the front of the engine, I think it’s fair to say the engine does not move much.
So I’m guessing the slip joints here are where the OEM header was hacked as it was originally designed for the engine to sit transverse in a FWD car. The third Y in the tri-Y appears to be the muffler itself.
The front suspension is pretty basic unequal length A-arms with an easily accessible coilover for adjustments. I do not see a front sway bar anywhere. Again, notice how many of the bolts and nuts are marked with paint to give an easy visual indicator if any have come loose.
The brakes appear pretty massive for such a lightweight car. I bet the pads last quite a long time. Looking at the rest of the front suspension, the camber is adjusted at the upright by sliding shims between upright and the upper A-arm mounting point;you can see there are three shims installed on this car. The suspension appears to have been kept very basic which I think speaks to the arrive-and-drive nature of the race series. You show up, hop into any car, and they should all be identical in performance.

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