Exotics Racing EXR Racing Series Cars


The higher spec LV03 rides on Yokohama A-005 slicks in 280/680R18 size. The Brembo brake caliper is relatively big to handle the extra braking power produced by the higher grip tires.
The lower spec LV02 has an appropriately sized smaller Brembo caliper and Yokohama Advan AD08R ‘street’ tire in 255/40R18 size.
The rear suspension consists of a simple rear axle. The rear differential has an oil cooler to ensure reliability. More paint marks are used on all the bolts.
Here you can see a hole in the sheet metal to provide cooling air to the rear differential oil cooler. A small electrical pump circulates the fluid.
The fuel cell sits behind the rear axle and well within the safety of the rear tubular frame structure. A few Bosch fuel pumps prevent fuel starvation. In this picture, you can also see the rear wing mounts are solidly mounted to a rear frame structure.

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