Exotics Racing EXR Racing Series Cars


The door opens up in this diagonal manner. Check out how much real estate there is from the side of the car to where the driver actually sits. It reminds me a bit of getting into a Lotus Elise.
The interior is pretty simple: three pedals, sequential shifter lever, a small AIM dash, and a small control switch panel.
This is the rear wing on the lower spec LV02. It’s a relatively simple single element design with standard mounts. This is in contrast to the higher spec car in the first picture with the swan neck mounts. The quick release levers attaching the wing to the chassis remind me of those used for bicycles. Also notice there are no rear windows on the lower spec car. This car is probably used on the smaller Exotics Racing track which does not reach really high speeds (only ~120mph range).
This is the rear diffuser on the higher spec LV03 which also had the swan neck rear wing mounts and rear windows. This car was bombing around Autoclub on the ROVAL configuration, so I’d guess in the 150-160mph range on the main straightaway.
The lower spec LV02 does not have a diffuser.

The premise of the EXR Racing Series is to be arrive-and-drive allowing drivers to focus on driving without the hassle of everything else related to racing such as car prep, owning and storing a trailer, having spare parts, a tow vehicle, etc. The cars themselves must be fast, fun, and easy to drive. The LV02 is fast yet not intimidating allowing entry level drivers to gain experience and skill before stepping up to the LV03. The key to making the EXR Racing Series affordable is having affordable cars. As you can see, the cars are supremely easy to work on reducing time and costs for upkeep. They are also very simple in design meaning easier maintenance and lower costs. On top of that, the cars are using OEM production engines for the best reliability. So if you’ve ever had the itch to get into some real wheel-to-wheel racing in some seriously fast cars, check out the EXR Racing Series.

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