Exotics Racing: Making Your Dreams Come True


After the briefing, everyone is queued up to take discovery laps in a Porsche Cayenne driven by one of the instructors. On the first lap, the instructor will drive slowly pointing out the braking and turn-in points on the road course. The second lap, he’ll hustle it around. Really pay attention as the line and speed you can carry around the corners are higher than I anticipated by just looking at the track map. I’ll tell you what, that Cayenne handles pretty damn well and carries impressive corner speed especially considering it was loaded up with 4 adults.


The instructors driving the Cayenne loaded up with four people are still faster than many people driving the exotics.

Now that we had seen the track, it was time to get into the cars. The car for my 5-lap outing was a new Nissan GT-R while Martin plunked his butt down in an Audi R8 V10. The GT-R is worth as much as my entire history of vehicle ownership consisting of two motorcycles and six cars; yeah, it’s a super car to me! The Audi R8 V10 is worth my entire vehicle history plus my undergrad and graduate college education. That’s a sobering thought…. And Martin got to track it! Dreams do come true.


My red chariot to be taken into battle.
Martin’s silver four-rings of fury to challenge.

Martin and I have a little bit of a rivalry going on having one track day and one karting competition in the records. The GT-R and R8 V10 are very evenly matched, so this was Round 3. To keep tabs on the lap times, we opted for the optional on-board video recording. All the cars are equipped with two cameras: one looking out front and one looking at the driver. The on-board video is processed after your drive and includes position on the track map along with speed.


We make hair nets look good! Not really… Exotics Racing provides the nets along with the open-face helmets, so all you have to do is show up. Oh yeah, you can also get your very own MotoIQ Nerd Alliance t-shirt by clicking HERE or on MIQ Gear at the top of the page!
All the cars are shod with Bridgestone rubber. Wait a second… hey, the R8 is wearing higher grip RE-11s! Anyway, all the cars are well prepped and maintained with a guy even walking around and checking tire pressures. So all you have to do is show up and drive.

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