Exotics Racing: Making Your Dreams Come True


Going into Turn 1, the GT-R will push a bit on turn-in if the entry speed is too high, but I found adjusting the line mid-corner very easy to do with the throttle. After turning into Turn 2, it was hammer down and hold-on letting the GT-R AWD do its thing to propel the car out of the turn. Keeping an eye on the tach is necessary as the car is surprisingly quiet making it difficult to determine shift point by ear; after my session, a kid came up to me and actually said, “the car is really quiet!” Of course, the instructor gave kind reminders when it was time to upshift. More bonus points for having an instructor!


The kid wanted a closer look under the hood to try to figure out why the GT-R was on the quiet side.

After peaking past 100mph, a quick use of the brakes and a downshift got the car set up for Turn 3. Both of the braking zones for turns 1 and 3 have a dip, so a somewhat careful application of the binders is required. The tendency of the GT-R to err towards understeer on turn-in provides comfort in this quick left heading into Turn 4. I knew even if I carried too much speed, I would not have to worry about the ass-end leading the front. Putting the go-pedal down out of Turn 4 clawed the GT-R onto the short straight towards Turn 5. A little braking and a little bump, then a quick right left through turns 5 and 6. No matter how hard you saw the wheel of the GT-R here back and forth, the car will not get loose. I’m not sure if this handling is different based on the different suspension settings, but it’ll push through these transitions instead of getting loose in the base setting. Try to carry more speed through the right hand kink Turn 7 and then brake hard in a straight line for Turn 8. Play with the throttle to adjust your line through Turn 8 and use that AWD to put the power down heading onto the straight completing the lap.


Moar powa!!! The rear of the GT-R is squatting a bit under the acceleration. Bye bye F430.

At first glance, you may have a little sticker shock at the prices. Consider this, a ticket to Disneyland is over a hundred where you stand in lines for hours upon hours to get on rides that last minutes. I’ve seen guys lose $500 a hand in blackjack and another guy $3000 in one spin on the roulette table. A ticket to the college football national championship is at least $300 for nose bleed and you don’t even get to play. Bottle service at a club? Yeah, you just paid around $500 for a $30 bottle of vodka. You could go rent a Ferrari 458 for about $1250 for two days, but run the risk of going straight to jail trying to drive it like you can on the track at Exotics Racing. Ya know, if you’re a well-heeled individual trying to decide what car to buy next, driving all these cars on a race track sure beats driving them on city streets around the dealer. Also, don’t forget the driving instruction which is priceless. It could save your life one day.


Did I go fast enough? Oy vey… Khiem is so ugly. Could…. Not…. Focus… “ 
The result of driving a GT-R to the limit on a race track? A big shit eatin’ grin.
Returning to the tent, the video gets downloaded… See ours on the next page!

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