Exotics Racing: Making Your Dreams Come True


Khiem’s video in the GT-R including useful instructions delivered prior to hitting the track.
Martin’s video in the R8, skip to about the 3:30 mark if you want to get straight to the action.

In my opinion, if you spring for the on-board video with the lap timing, do yourself a favor and do ten laps because you’re going to want to beat your own time; or your friend’s time. Or in our case, Martin wanting to beat my time. It took five laps to just start getting dialed into the car and track, so a few more laps would have been nice to really lay down some fast times.


In this round, victory was mine.
Martin has chosen the 911 Turbo for our next battle.

MotoIQ reader and Speed Ventures S2k Challenge driver extraordinaire Mike Kang is one of the instructors employed at Exotics Racing and he said the time I laid down at 1:02.7 was around #4 or #5 for walk-in customers. I was actually surprised it was that high because I felt I left a solid two seconds out there due to a few errors and a bit of traffic. For walk-ins like us, the benchmark is Emilio from 949 Racing who tore through the course in the 59 second range on a hot and slippery day. Now that I know the track better, I think I’m going to have to go back and see what time I can manage in the Ferrari 458. I’ve always wondered what a Ferrari felt like and to hear the noise of the flat plane crank V8 rip to 9000rpm behind my head will be a dream come true.




Exotics Racing

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