Fast Fridays 2014, Part 1

With our Project Supra finally trolling the streets of Kansas City after a 2-year hiatus, we couldn’t resist bringing it out.  In fact, we picked it up the very day of this photo!

Fast Fridays at KC Trends 2014, Part 1

by Pablo Mazlumian

Summertime in the Kansas City area means it's “that time of the year” again for gear heads.  And every two Fridays, KC Trends lets anyone with a car come hang out and share the passion.  If you didn’t already see our coverage last year, check out KC Trends 2013 as well. 

Just as everyone hopes, at each FF the exotics show up with engines in full, harmonic tune that dazzle the senses.  But what also makes this meet every other week so interesting is the actual diversity between the cars and their owners.  In fact, so many different cars showed up this time, we decided to split this article up into two parts!

So sit back and relax, and check out some of the cars we captured on digital film, and anytime you’re cruising by the KC area on one of these Fast Fridays, make sure to swing by and hang out a bit.  The atmosphere is always a relaxed, come-and-go type of environment with several restaurants around, and a cofee place next door.  You get the idea.  Let’s check out some cars.


Even at a Kansas meet you can have your fair share of Ferraris.

To me, the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider almost has that special, F50-like aura about it.  Again, I say “almost”.  I'm not always a fan of convertibles, but this one just looks so stinkin' good.  And that diffuser–I love it.  And with 10% less displacement and four less cylinders than the F50 Ferrari flagship of the 90s, it’s impressive to see these F458s still make 50 more horses!

Any real car geek is going to notice brakes, especially carbon ones that cost over 20 grand for the set.  It was interesting to see just 235s up front.  I would have expected wider.  I know they're tall, which will substantially help straight line grip, but still, 235-mm tires is not a lot of tire up there these days.  I can't imagine how well this car would brake and turn with 255s up there.

The McLaren 12C Spider was very warmly welcomed at the meet.

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