Formula D 2011: Round 1 – Long Beach


 Pat Mordaunt and Ross Petty in practice.  We first met Pat through Ross when he was probably 15 years old or something.


 Rhys Millen looked strong making it into the great 8.  After a disappointing 2010 season we hope 2011 is more kind to him.


 Charles Ng looked good all weekend and drove smoothly in a performance that would have been tops last year.  However the field has gotten tougher, with drivers getting better and cars getting more developed.  Unfortunately Charles who is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet was eliminated in the top 32.  A lot of people don’t realize that Charles is a top grip driver being a Touring car champ in China.  We have also witnessed him tearing it up in Time Attack.


 The Dai show.  Dai Yoshihara was on it all weekend long driving at top form.  We think 2011 is going to be Dai’s year.  The Discount Tire/ Team Falken S13 is a mature package that keeps on getting refined every year.


 Newcomer Otto Graven looked like he was going to do well in his 350Z but he was eliminated by Walker Wilkerson in the Top 32.


 Jr will be back with a vengance in Atlanta.


 Brad Hettinger didn’t qualify.  4 cylinders are becoming relegated to Pro-Am.


 Matt Powers came out of nowhere and smoked at Long Beach.


 Fan favorite Joon Maneg got eliminated by Ryan Tuerck.  Joon is one of our favorite people and Tuerck’s Gardella Racing builds tough machines that always have their A game on.

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