Formula D 2011: Round 1 – Long Beach


 Jeff Abbott got eliminated in the Top 32 by Dennis Mertzanis.


 No new cars blues from Chris Forsberg.  The NOS 370Z was dialed the minute it got off the trailer.  We love Chris’s smooth, consistent and textbook perfect driving style.  Chris and Dai Yoshihara fought a pitched battle for third place.


 We always root for AE86 purist and Iconic drifter Taka Aono.  Taka’s anemic 4AG will finally be getting the axe but not for a V8, but instead for a 2.5 liter Scion TC motor.  This should greatly help Taka out who struggles with the most underpowered car in Formula D.  Look for the new motor at Atlanta.


 From the starting line, its’ a hard pull to third gear to the tight 90 degree turn 9.


 Dai Yoshihara launched his Help Japan Charity at the event.  Dai will be donating his Formula D winnings this year and Falken Tire will match the money that Dai can raise through donations.  Help the cause by donating.  Remember Falken will double your money.


 Pat Mordaunt in practice.  Few people know that this used to be Verena Mei’s car before Pat bought it and completely re engineered it.


 Toshiki Yoshioka surprised us by jumping into the Driftworks S13 and putting it in the show even though he had never driven it before. Yoshioka himself swapped a Chevy LS into the car in just days right before the event.  The car’s first test was when it came off the trailer at Long Beach!


 Jeff Jones made it into the top 32 only to be eliminated by Matt Powers.


 Ross “Boss Hog” Petty drove the Falken/Boso Garage S15 into the top 16 and was eliminated by a hard charging Dai Yoshihara in a close battle.

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