Formula D 2011: Round 1 – Long Beach


 The Ryan Tuerck/Gardella Racing Pontiac Solstice at speed.


 Chris Forsberg’s 370Z.  We noticed that the Z sat really high and had a lot of positive camber and rear toe in.  Is this some sort of secret set up?  Anyway it worked moving Chris into 4th place.


Rhys Millen making some Hankook air pollution.  Hankooks smoke really well but the smoke kinda smells like fish. 


 Team Falken teammates Justin Pawlak and Darren McNamara battle it out.  What was looking to be an awesome battle got spoiled when Darren made an uncharacteristic mistake and spun.


 The young buck Matt Powers surprised the crowd and took out vet Chris Forsberg in the final 4.  We were as surprised as anyone.


 Dai Yoshihara almost took it all the way and his battle for 3rd with Chris Forsberg was amazing.


 Dai was so close to Chis that he took off the NOS 370Z’s rear bumper but left no mark on the Discount Tire/Falken S13’s front bumper.


 Justin Pawluk ate up Cyrus Martinez as a light snack before proceeding to the top 16.


 The Aasbo/Forsberg top 16 battle was pretty epic.  Both drivers driving well with Forsberg advancing by the skin on his chin.

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