Formula Drift 2013 Round 1: Long Beach


Daijiro Yoshihara
Remember the whole, “hope it gets better because it can't get worse” idea I had with Tyler McQuarrie? Scratch that. While he was in Top 32 Practice on Saturday the rear end broke at its support. With no time to repair it, the team was forced to forfeit the match and gave Dai the Bye-Run.
Matt Power VS Matt Field Long Beach
With Matt Powers facing Matt Field, Field was at a disadvantage with a sore car after smashing Mrs. Pacman into the wall. With the ghost of Pacman looming over him, Field pushed too hard into turn 10 and spun out in front of Powers. This spin would give Powers the advantage and he moved on to Top 16.
Danny George VS Daigo Saito Long Beach
For a while, it would look like Danny George wouldn't be able to make it to the line as there was a problem with the V8 Miata. Calling on is only Competition Timeout, a new rule for 2013, Danny was able to repair his car and finally pull up to the line against Daigo Saito. If Danny were to move on against Daigo, he would no longer have any Competition Timeouts. However, the experience, better funding, and better sorted car of Daigo Saito would move on. The first score of the day for the V8 Hunters.
Toshiki Yoshioka VS Fredric Aasbo Long Beach
Toshiki Yoshioka found himself battling with the Hammer, Fredric Aasbo. Toshiki is a privateer this year, with no help from RS-R as they pulled out of Formula Drift following 2012. Without much time, Toshiki was able to put together a Tomei powered Subaru BRZ. Fredric Aasbo, on the other hand, was still with Papadakis Racing and the only change to his car was an update to the 2014 body panels. With more development and seat time in his car, Fredric had the advantage and would take the win.
Carl Rydquist VS Chelsea Denofa Long Beach
Carl Rydquist started off his return to Formula Drift right with a Top 32 qualifying position. However, that 29th place would mean he would face the ever aggressive Chelsea Denofa. The BMW sedan would prove superior against the Nissan coupe and Chelsea moves on.
Ryan Kado VS Robbie Nishida Long Beach
Engine woes plagued Robbie Nishida this week. He cracked a block after Media Day and had further engine trouble after Qualifying. With a stock block in the car, it would be a struggle to get enough power to face the Garrett turbocharged V8 of Ryan Kado. While Ryan may have had the power edge, it was his top notch runs against Nishida that were responsible for him moving on to Top 16.
Kenny Moen
Kenny Moen would face the ever unpredictable Miro Ovcharik. Miro would show to have a decent run against Kenny, but Miro straightened enough at the end of his run to give Moen the win. Kenny would face the winner of the Odi Bakchis versus Joon Maeng battle in Top 16.

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