Formula Drift 2013 Round 1: Long Beach


Odi Bakchis Long Beach
That winner would be determined before the lights would drop at the starting line. Odi Bakchis would get the Bye-Run as Joon Maeng's LS powered engine would break a valvespring and end his day before competition could begin.
Darren McNamara VS Dennis Mertzanis Long Beach
Dennis Mertzanis had a very rough start in his new ARK Hyundai Genesis Coupe. He crashed it on Friday and had to make repairs. With little experience and at a power disadvantage against Darren McNamara's Falken S14 Nissan Silvia. The hurt car, low power, and less seat time would prove to be too much against D-Mac as Darren took the win. Can't take too much away from Dennis, though. He was able to qualify despite the little time he's had behind the wheel of the Genesis Coupe. Don't forget, he and the ARK crew are doing this with no Hyundai backing, either.
Jhonnattan Castro VS Chris Forsberg Long Beach
Jhonnattan Castro in the Banco del Progreso 350Z would fight the tall battle against Chris Forsberg in the NOS Energy 370Z. While both drivers were on Hankooks, Chris would edge out Castro to the Top 16. Castro looked very good in his runs and was only 3 positions behind Forsberg, so he can hold his head high.
Jeff Jones VS Ryan Tuerck Long Beach
While there are some who would have written off Jeff Jones and his CX Racing S14 against Ryan Tuerck and his 2JZ powered FR-S, Jones showed that he has plenty in him as both drivers went One More Time. Unfortunately, Jones would end up hitting Tuerck on his follow run in the OMT, causing his right front suspension to break, giving Tuerck the pass to the Top 16.
Forrest Want VS Justin Pawlak Long Beach
Forrest Wang and his Get Nuts Lab S14 with 2JZ Garrett power would look like he would have a mountain to climb against the V8 powered Falken Ford Mustang of Justin Pawlak. Forrest had a tremendous run, but his lack of proximity against JTP during the follow run would prove to be his undoing and Pawlak would be in the Top 16. Forrest was also making his return to Formula Drift competition, so his 10th place qualifying position marks a successful start to his season.
Mike Essa Long Beach
Enrique Mendoza, Jr. would have troubles before he could make it to the start of the Top 32. This gave Mike Essa and the GSR M3 a Bye-Run into the Top 16. Essa still made a show of it though.
Ken Gushi VS Kyle Mohan Long Beach
Ken Gushi in the Greddy Scion FR-S looked good with his new wrap job and look much better in the eyes of the judges during his run against the ever popular Kyle Mohan in the Mazdatrix/Nexen Tire RX-8. Kyle struggled in qualifying on Friday as he spun on his first run and had to qualify in the 17 to 32 brackets. Gushi was victorious and moved on to the Top 16.

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