Formula Drift 2013 Round 1: Long Beach


Final Four

Daijiro Yoshihara VS Chelsea Denofa Long Beach
The first Final Four competition would be Daijiro Yoshihara in the Falken Tire/Discount Tire Nissan S13 240SX. His opponent would be Chelsea Denofa in the BC Racing/Nitto Tire BMW E46 3-Series sedan. Mike Kojima would spot for Dai while XDC Driver “Rapper” Dan Savage would spot for Chelsea. Dan admitted that it was far different than being in the driver's seat and that Formula Drift was far different than XDC. The East Coast Duo would face the West Coast Duo.
Chelsea Denofa VS Daijiro Yoshihara
Chelsea looked killer at Long Beach. His driving was on another level, even compared to last year. Chelsea was on a mission to show why he should have been Rookie of the Year and did he ever! He didn't back down against Yoshihara. However, it wasn't meant to be and Chelsea would end up in the battle for third place. Dai would see who he would have to fight to try and end up on the top step of the podium.
Chris Forsberg VS Vaugh Gittin Jr Long Beach
It was another Drift Alliance fight for Chris Forsberg, this time against 2010 Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. The 2009 Champion was staying consistent, but Vaughn wasn't having a fickle run to this point either. While Chris has stayed with Hankook since Maxxis left years ago, Vaughn has recently switched to Nitto Tire, which he only had a few tests on prior to this event.
Vaughn Gittin Jr VS Chris Forsberg Long Beach
It was a close battle for the Drift Alliance drivers. However, it would be ruled that Vaughn Gittin, Jr. would best Chris Forsberg this time. Nitto beat Hankook, now could Nitto beat Gittin's former tires, Falken?

Third Place

Chelsea Denofa VS Chris Forsberg Long Beach
Third place, that final spot on the podium and second loser, as Steve Rockwood would put it. It would be the step that either Chelsea Denofa or Chris Forsberg would have to stand on at Long Beach. Hankook took a loss to Nitto when Vaughn beat Chris just a few moments ago. It was time for some revenge for Hankook and Chelsea would be Chris' next victim!
Chris Forsberg VS Chelsea Denofa Long Beach
Chelsea wouldn't go down easy, though. His Nitto Tire'd, Garrett turbo'd BMW had fought all the way here, had been fighting for this moment since last year. He couldn't go down without a fight and didn't. However, Chris Forsberg used that consistent driving style of his to pull it off. Third Place would go to the NOS Energy Drink Nissan 370Z of Chris Forsberg.


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