Formula Drift 2013 Round 1: Long Beach


Great 8

Dai Yoshihara VS Fredric Aasbo Long Beach
While the Borg-Warner turbo of Fredric Aasbo was showing how to do it in a Turbo-4, Dai Yoshihara was still showing what cubic inches could do! Fredric's great battles ended here, the Hammer needed rest. Yoshihara was in the Final Four.
Chelsea Denofa VS Kenny Moen
You know, maybe I should stop with the premonition thing while I'm ahead. While I said an unknown force would need to stop Kenny…
Kenny Moen Hard Crash Long Beach
I didn't want it to be the damn wall. Kenny took a very hard hit and in the area coming out of Turn 9 where there were no tire barriers.
Kenny Moen Hard Crash Long Beach
It was scary to look at for a few moments and Kenny initially got out of the car under his own power. However, it looked as if the medical staff at Long Beach did not want to take a chance and took him to the Doctor's Station for a check over.
Kenny Moen Hard Crash Long Beach
From what I understand from Jonathan Bradford from Falken Tire, who supplies Kenny with tires in Formula Drift under the privateer umbrella, Kenny was doing fine. Sore, very, very sore, but fine.
Ryan Tuerck VS Chris Forsberg Long Beach
After the track was cleared for competition, Drift Alliance members Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg faced off in what could have been a missile car battle. Except these cars weren't built with a $5,000 budget. These were $50,000+ budget cars. Expensive to break cars. It didn't matter, these guys have ran up on each others doors for so long they knew what the other would do. Ryan pushed, but probably too hard as the judges saw a bobble at turn 11. Chris Forsberg took the win and moved on to the Final 4 battle.
Vaughn Gittin Jr VS Ken Gushi Long Beach
The final two to face off in the Great 8 were Vaughn Gittin, Jr and Ken Gushi. While Ken Gushi looked like he was running well, Vaughn Gittin found the lines and proximity the judges were looking for and the Nitto Tire Mustang was in the Final Four.


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