Formula Drift Round 6 – Las Vegas Motor Speedway


Formula Drift Round 6 - Las Vegas Motor Speedway
The battle to settle Third place would be first. This was the final position on the podium and Vaughn would need it to maximize his points towards the Championship. With Rhys now looming and the rest of the contenders knocked out far before, he needed to make as many points as he could.
Formula Drift Round 6 - Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Robbie put on a valiant fight, but that NASCAR V8 is hard to beat and a man on a mission is hard to deter. Vaughn Gittin, Jr. would put Nishida's momentum to a full stop and seize the final podium spot. However, Robbie's Fourth Place finish will be the highest he's finished all season to this point.
Formula Drift Round 6 - Las Vegas Motor Speedway
The Final Battle would be between the V8 Killers. Turbo 4 versus Garrett Turbo 6. Norway versus New Zealand. Fredric Aasbo in the Need for Speed Scion tC would have to do battle with Rhys Millen and his Pike's Peak winning Hyundai Genesis. Tires would not give an advantage as both drivers were on Hankooks. Aasbo would lead first and pushing himself hard he clipped the wall and broke his left rear suspension. The team instantly called for Five Minutes, but no one expected them to fix it in time.
Formula Drift Round 6 - Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Then, no one would know the speed, heart, and skill the Papadakis Racing crew. Stephan knows how to bring the right guys together and within the Five Minutes they were allowed, they fixed the car and sent it back out to do battle once more.
Formula Drift Round 6 - Las Vegas Motor Speedway
However, the only chance they had at winning was if Rhys spun or broke. The old man did neither and Rhys Millen was able to take a second win! Third if you count Pike's Peak. It must be said, though, that sometimes you have to fix your car and fight the fight. Aasbo and Papadakis did that with valor. Anything could have happened to Rhy. His car could have broke, he could have wrecked, he could have straightened, but they would not have known unless they went out there and ran. Hats off to Papadakis Racing and Fredric Aasbo.

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Vaughn Gittin, Jr., Third Place

“What got us to Third Place to night was an awesome team, an amazing Ford Mustang, and a lot of focus and a lot of communication. Every this sport gets harder and harder and the competition is constantly progressing, it's just amazing. We left it all on the track and Fredric beat me, heads up and that is the only way we will accept losing.”

Fredric Aasbo, Second Place

“You know, it's all them, the best crew, ever. You know, I smashed it up and though 'That was it,' but they just made it happen. Always concise, always to the point, always giving me the means that I need, and the tC… most people think it is not the optimum drift platform, but these guys made it!”

Rhys Millen, Winner of Round Six at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

“I was joking with my crew, not bad for a grip driver! It's fantastic to put this car through multiple and different disciplines, for me to challenge myself for my driving technique and not getting sideways once for a full week up Pike's Peak and then coming out here and getting it as sideways as you can go. It's a testament to the teams' ability to work with a new platform to develop over the years and turn it into a winning platform. You also have to have… a good strong platform for a base to work with, and we are happy with the performance of the Hyundai engine.”


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