Garage Revolution’s Time Attack FD3S RX-7, Part 1

garage revolution carbon panel

How's this for a thin, ultra lightweight carbon panel? Immediately underneath this engine bay side cover is a carbon wheel well.

garage revolution fd wheel well

Here's a closer look at the wheel well. It's held together with aluminum rivets. You can also see where the factory sheet metal was cut on the outside of the shock tower and back.

garage revolution fd sponsors

Even the cover used during transport or work on top of the ARC intercooler is made from a thin piece of dry carbon. It's also used to satisfy some of their sponsors which is pretty smart. 

garage revolution fd swaybar

The spline type swaybar is hidden in a sea of carbon.

garage revolution fd fuel pressure regulator

Here's a shot of the rear LH side of the engine bay. You can see where two of the engine bay cage tubes intersect and go inside the car to connect to the main cage inside the car. The JDM fuel pressure regulator and pressure transducer are pretty conventional. The lower RH corner of the image you can see two old school mil-spec bulkhead connectors probably for the engine harness and other electrical stuff such as head lights, etc. All of the electrical harnesses appear to be covered in a mixture of conventional and Raychem heat shrink and uses a combination of mil-spec and conventional Japanese OE connectors.

garage revolution fd header tank

Here's a close up of the cooling system's header tank. It is mounted to the engine cage tube via rubber isolation mounts to prevent the aluminum tank from failing over time due to the intense vibrations of a highly strung race car.

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