Garage Revolution’s Time Attack FD3S RX-7, Part 1


garage revolution fd front fender

I love the location of the titanium wastegate dump. The driver side door stickers got tanned from the beginning of WTAC to the end. No doubt the rotary exhaust gas temperatures gave the side of the car a good sun tan. 

garage revolution fd side skirt

Here's a close up detail shot of the side skirt. No doubt it's all made out of carbon of course.

craft square mirrors

Genuine baller spec Craft Square mirrors are used on the GR FD.

garage revolution fd front splitter

The front of the GR FD.

garage revolution fd floor

Right after the front splitter, the multiple small tunnels begin. I'm used to seeing two big large tunnels down the bottom of race cars and baller exotics, but I've never see multiple small tunnels like this. 

garage revolution fd under floor

The mini tunnels end just about at the centerline of the rear axle, but do not transition into the rear diffuser which I am also used to seeing on race cars and baller exotics. Aero is one of those subjects where I talk to somebody who knows what they're doing and I just believe them. Sure, there are general laws of aerodynamics, but when it comes to specific applications, it becomes an infinite science (see any F1 car).

garage revolution fd rear

The rear body work is a bit funky looking, but falls in line with the “crazy race car” category. The wheel arch is certainly not hella flush and there's far too little camber to be part of the stance nation. Notice the bumps on the underside of the rear wing. Andrew B. or Johnny Mac, if you're reading this, please comment below on WTF those bumps are please.

garage revolution fd rear fender

At the exit of the rear wheel wells are more giant vents to prevent any pressure being built up in the wheel well.

garage revolution fd rear

The rear body work is crazy looking and falls in line with the rest of the car.

garage revolution fd rear bumper

At the left is a rear differential cooler. The exhaust exits at the end of what appears to be the upper level of a diffuser. Don't forget the JDM shout outs in the license plate area.

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