Garage Revolution’s Time Attack FD3S RX-7, Part 1



garage revolution fd wheel well

Here's a shot of the front suspension amongst a sea of carbon and tubes. While the FD already has a double A-arm front suspension from the factory, GR took it to the next level with steel fabricated A-arms, heim joints everywhere, splined sway bar, and 3 way adjustable dampers. It also appears that the geometery has been significantly altered to accomodate the car's super low ride height. In this image, you can also see where the other air box inlet gets its air from.

garage revolution fd front suspension

Here's another close up of the front suspension.

garage revolution fd front brakes

The massive Project Mu brakes with six piston calipers handle the bulk of the stopping power. From the looks of the carbon panel just above the upper A-arm, it doesn't appear that there's very much front suspension travel in either compression or droop.

garage revolution fd front suspension

Here's a closer look at the fabricated steel A-arms and the Revolution branded dampers. On the shock is also a linear potentiometer used to log shock travel or suspension travel if your logger or log analysis software has math capabilities. The GR FD uses bespoke uprights of course. Camber is adjusted using race car style shim stacks at the outer end of the upper arm.

garage revolution fd rear brakes

The rear brakes are four piston Project Mu calipers with 355mm rotors. euroMEVIUS is a sub-brand of Project Mu that is marketed to European cars.

garage revolution fd rear suspension

Not too much of the rear suspension is visible here, but once again there are steel A-arms, heim joints everywhere, splined sway bar, and bespoke uprights. The alignment is adjusted with shim stacks in the rear also. The damper also has a linear pot on it for shock travel data.

garage revolution fd rear sway bar

Just on the other side of the sheet metal rear wheel well is the rear sway bar which appears to be mounted on the factory frame rail without any additional bracing or support. Pretty much all of the factory sheet metal has been cut off just aft of the rear wheel well.

This covers about half the car at this point. Jeff took over 800 pictures of the GR FD so there's plenty more images for a Part 2. Continue on to Part 2!

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