Garage Revolution’s Time Attack FD3S RX-7, Part 1


garage revolution fd front wheel

Here's a shot of the fender and wheel. I believe the Volk Racing RE30 wheel is 18×10.5″. Since the GR FD has a massive Hankook logo on the side of it and a Hankook color scheme, it runs the same ultra sticky 295/30/ZR18 Hankook Ventus TD tires. The Sierra Sierra EVO also used the same Hankook tires.

garage revolution fd revised aero

When I was at Tsukuba at the Rev Speed Magazine Hyper Meet earlier this month, I noticed that GR had made some minor aero changes. These side plates on top of the fenders were added. The vertical piece appears to be made from polycarbonate while the base is made from dry carbon of course.

garage revolution fd hood

This picture was also taken at Tsukuba. The vertical pieces (I do not know the proper name) around the hood vents are now taller and now run completely around the perimeter of the vents.

garage revolution fd front bumper

Here's the front splitter at WTAC 2011 in August.

garage revolution fd splitter

Here's the front splitter at Tsukuba in December 2011.

garage revolution fd under fender

Here you can also see how much of the factory sheet metal was cut away and the level of detail once again. I'm not sure what the carbon cover just in front of the door covers is, but I suspect it is part of the aero package. The rear section of the wheel well has an opening to allow any air entering the wheel well to escape quickly. The cover just in front of the door allows the air to exit smoothly out the opening in the rear of the fender.

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