Global Time Attack – 2011 Season Finale at Infineon Raceway


Samuel Hubinette Tanner Foust
Samuel Hubinette and Tanner Foust were in the area shooting a car commercial, so they stopped by to check out the action and support some of the drivers.


 GST Motorsports Impreza
Jeff Westphal driving the GST Motorsports Subaru Impreza, set an Unlimited GT AWD class record of 1:37.058. Problems with the front differential kept them from achieving a better time.

 Watch Jeff's lap as he manhandles the GST Impreza around Infineon.


 UMS Tunning Evo
Tony Szirka of UMS Tuning out of Arizona, set a lap time of 1:47.367 in Unlimited GT AWD. Tony blew 4th gear in the trans on Friday, spent all night with several GTA buddies swapping the trans at the LIC Motorsports shop, only to have to deal with major oil leaks from the motor on Saturday.


 Fusionofideas Evo X
Russ Taylor drove the Evo X to a 1:56.201 lap time in the Unlimited GT AWD class.


Formula Drift Round 7 champion Tyler McQuarrie drove the famous FX Motorsports Development Acura NSX in the Unlimited GT RWD class, and set a new TRACK RECORD of 1:34.564!!!

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