Global Time Attack – 2011 Season Finale at Infineon Raceway



Here are the official results as posted on the GTA website:

Unlimited GT AWD

P1: Jeff Westphal – GST Motorsports Subaru Impreza – 1:37.058 (class record)
P2: Tony Szirka – UMS Tuning Mitsubishi Evo 8 – 1:47.367
P3: Russ Taylor – Mitsubishi Evo X – 1:56.201

Unlimited GT RWD

P1: Tyler McQuarrie – FX Motorsports Development NSX – 1:34.564 (track record)
P2: Will Faules – EDGE Motorsports BMW E30 M3 – 1:46.116
P3: Matt “Hollywood” Guiver – Biggie Motorsports Group Nissan 240SX – 1:50.780
P4: Sean Kohmescher – BMW E30 M3 – 1:55.528

Unlimited GT FF

P1: Chris Rado – Team Need For Speed WORLD Racing Scion tC – 1:45.320 (class record)

Limited GT AWD

P1: Gary Sheehan – LIC Motorsports Subaru STI – 1:41.888 (class record)
P2: Christian Miller – 034 Motorsport Audi A4 – 1:43.261
P3: John Groff – FFTEC Mitsubishi Evo – 1:49.596
P4: Kyle Hatch – RaceCo ZipTie Mitsubishi Evo 8 – 1:50.673
P5: Adam Aquino – Double-A Engineering Subaru STI – 2:29.864

Limited GT RWD

P1: Luke Lonberger – Blu 808 Chevrolet Corvette – 1:49.689 (class record)
P2: Mark Arcenal – Fatlace 1990 Porsche 964 911 C4  – N/T

Limited GT FF

P1: Pete Bovenburg – MBO 2000 Honda Civic Si – 1:51.964 (class record)
Street GT AWD
P1: Daniel O'Donnell – Professional Awesome Mitsubishi Evo VII – 1:47.648 (class record)
P2: Taylor Wilson – Snail Performance Subaru WRX – 1:54.361
P3: Clint Boisdeau – Apollo Performance Subaru WRX – 1:56.716

Congratulations to all who ran in GTA this year!

John Naderi
John Naderi, the Grand Poobah of Global Time Attack, is congratulated on another successful event by happy participants. Libations seem to be a part of every post GTA celebration. Heck yeah! Why not? 

Global Time Attack keeps rolling out new track records. Who will answer the new track record set by Tyler McQuarrie and FXMD? Will Sierra Sierra get their Evo together and come out and shatter it? What about international teams like the Cyber Evo? Who is going to put a stop to all this madness?  With such a strong finish to 2011, I am positive we will see track records be reset next year, and hopefully new events join forces with GTA. Am I speaking too early of things we would ALL like to see? Speak up in the comments. Let us know what YOU are eager to see next year.


John Naderi
Thanks for the great events to John and the entire GTA team! What's Taylor doing? Whatever it is Markos seems to be enjoying it.

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