Global Time Attack – 2011 Season Finale at Infineon Raceway


 Edge Motorsports E30 M3
This badass little E30 M3 of Edge Motorsports, was driven by Will Faules and posted a lap time of 1:46.116 in the Unlimited GT RWD class.


 Biggie Motorsports S13 240SX
Matt Guiver and Biggie Motorsports Group came all the way from Utah with their SR20DET powered S13 240SX, and pulled a 1:50.780 lap time in the Unlimited GT RWD class before having serious enough engine issues to cause them to quit.


 BMG S13 240SX
Pushing an SR20 to perform time attack duty is a difficult thing to do. I'd like to see this S13 make it out next year, possibly with something tougher like a VQ or an LS? One can dream.


 E30 M3
This neat little E30 M3 was driven by Sean Kohmescher and posted a best lap time of 1:50.780 in the Unlimited GT RWD class.


 Scion Fwing Chris Rado
Chris Rado had some fun in his “Fwing” car. His best lap time was 1:45.320, which was good for the Unlimited GT FF class record! Possible head gasket failure kept the team from pushing any further. Rado did not run in the second half of Saturday.


 LIC Motorsports Subaru STi
Hotshoe Gary Sheehan set a Limited GT AWD class record time of 1:41.888 in the LIC Motorsports Subaru STI. The car made it through the abuse of an entire event, with the engine only giving up on the last session of the last day.


Gary Sheehan at the wheel of the LIC Motorsports Subaru.

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