Global Time Attack – 2011 Season Finale at Infineon Raceway


LIC Motorsports crew
Noah Levy, Kyle Jedd, and Adam Levy look on anxiously as something dramatic happens to the LIC Subaru during the last session…


LIC Motorsports Subaru engine blown
LIC turned up the power for the last session of the event, and the #3 rod decided it wanted to blow a chunk out of the side of the block. BOOM! The incident left oil all over the track on the warm up lap, forcing the cancellation of the entire session.


 034 Motorsports Audi A4
034 Motorsports brought their awesome Audi A4 out of retirement and drove it in Limited GT AWD, with Christian Miller pushing it to a 1:43.261 lap time. This is my favorite car in time attack.


 FFTEC Mitsubishi Evo
John Groff drove the FFTEC Mitsubishi Evo, and came up with a 1:49.596 in Limited GT AWD. Evo 8
Kyle Hatch and the guys came from Utah in their Evo8 and ran a lap time of 1:50.673 in Limited GT AWD.


Adam Aquino Rich Hamilton
Adam Aquino and Rich Hamilton of Double-A ENGINEering stand by their Impreza STI. The engine suffered valve to piston contact the previous day while running in Limited GT AWD, so they became spectators and loyal supporters of the remaining racers 🙂

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