Global Time Attack – 2014 Pro Championship – Road Atlanta


In addition to sharing the track with Formula Drift, the Trans-Am series was also competing which made for a VERY tight schedule. On Friday all of the GTA sessions would be done by early afternoon and based on the threat of Rain on Saturday teams would be laying down flyers to put a time on the sheets. The Limited RWD class was STACKED and Cody Kishel in his Corvette was trading seconds with Rob Walker in the Evasive Motorsports Scion FR-S.


Honestly, in all of the cars I have seen in time attack and at the track this has to be in my top 3 favorites. As someone who considers themselves an extreme arbiter of all things sano I geek out over this ride. Functional aero, air jacks, perfect livery and wheel choice. It has it all.
The heart of the Evasive FR-S is still an FA motor that is reinforced and using an HKS supercharger to make around 300WHP. While it may be an underdog in terms of overall HP this car is about balance and it is not lacking anywhere!  
Another way to attack the Limited RWD class is with more HP and Cody Kishel did that with his C6 Z06. The only question is who would wind up on top on Saturday. Cody led the Evasive FR-S heading into day 2…

Equally deep and close in competition was the Street RWD class where Daniel Walters in his Deft Motion S2000 was in a street fight with Rob Walker in the Mackin FR-S and Dan Kang in the Zen Lexus IS300. Apparently Saturday was not the day to have an SRT-4 as Lindsay High (who trekked all the way to ATL from Washington State) had an electrical issue that led to a fire taking him out of the competition. Lindsay would at least be able to set down a lap time and despite the lap not being up to the car's full potential he still led fellow competitor Richard Burge and his Honda Prelude in the Street FWD Class.


The B group waits to take the track. Here you can see an example of the diversity of cars. And yes, that is the Prelude, yes that white Corolla has a V8 swap, yes the other Corolla was engine swapped in the pits to remain in the competition. Taking center frame is Todd Earsley's My Shop Assist USCA EVO. 

In the Unlimited AWD class just .148 separated Tony Szirka in the UMS EVO and Cole Powelson in the RaceCO GTR. Waiting in the wings (likely at Dollar General looking for cooling ducts) was Phil Grabow in his Element Tuning Subaru STi hoping to add to the fight heading into Saturday.


You know the car and you know the driver. If you don't, we have completely failed at our job! What you might not know is that Tony Szirka doesn't just campaign a car in time attack, he IS time attack. The definition of the spirit of the sport! He is the chief of tech for the series and can be found helping just about anyone at any point at any time with anything. Just give him a fair shake at a fast lap and he is happy. It's safe to say that anyone that messes with Tony, messes with his whole damn family and that family is quite large. 

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