Global Time Attack – 2014 Pro Championship – Road Atlanta


Phil Grabow in his element. The additional ducting really seemed to allow the car an additional lap to set down a quick time! We are having visions of a new sponsor heading in to future events that starts with Rubber and ends with Maid.
Just in case someone at this company is interested in Time Attack here is a shot of the previously undiscovered use of your wares. Ducting, refuse, the possibilities are endless! 

In the Enthusiast AWD class it was the classic Evo versus WRX battle as Daniel O'Donnell was piloting the Fortune Auto Daily Driver Evo X with Aaron Byram Behind the wheel of the Pure Tuning 2015 WRX. It was good to see Dan and the Professional Awesome behind the wheel again at Road Atlanta after totaling their Evo VII at the very same event last year. The crash didn't seem to phase Daniel as he was quick in the very mildly prepped EVO X. It has been a while since I have seen Aaron at an event, he previously piloted his Pure Tuning Honda Civic to a class win at the Global Time Attack Chicago event in 2011 and it was nice to see him returning to the ring.


Leave it to Professional Awesome to represent to the fullest. Despite being mildly modified, their Fortune Auto equipped EVO X had a bitchin sticker pack. By the time they left to drive home not a scrap of vinyl was to be found… 
Aaron Byram of Pure Tuning brought the fight to Professional Awesome in hs 2015 WRX.

Also not to be denied was Roy Narvaez, despite the heart attack that Godzilla suffered (read engine failure in his GTR) he quickly rented a wreck and took it to the Enthusiast RWD class Dukes of Hazard Style! In the interests of catching some better shots we piled in to the turbo by Garrett Toyota Camry and headed to the top of the hill to catch the last sessions. They would go out back to back to settle the final scores with a short cool down break in between. The battles from Friday carried over to Saturday with many classes being decided in the final two sessions as any good time attack event should be.


Devin Stiglitz Giles brought out his S2000 from Chicago to race on Saturday. We could not tell if he had a helmet on or if it was his legit “hair helmet”. No matter, it kept him safe in the Street RWD class. 
Listening to the 350Z of Sasha Anis wail downt he straight was an amazing sound. The first few times I heard the car I had a hard time deciding what motor was swap it had…

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