Global Time Attack – 2014 Pro Championship – Road Atlanta


As it turns out, the 350 is not swapped at all. ITB's with carbon airboxes made this one of the best sounding VQ's we have ever heard. The combo was quite potent as well, turning the 4th fastest time overall. An amazing feat for a naturally aspirated VQ! 

Before I get to the final results and tell you who got to “beerkakke” each other with mid shelf champagne; lets pause for a personal reflection on Time Attack. Simply put it is a “nerd's sport” and I love it so; that said the classes are growing and people are coming out to participate, it is picking up steam and is more accessible now than it has ever been. We can only hope that as classes fill and events grow that it picks up in popularity and as such it draws more sponsors which in turn draws money and recognition. I don't want this so that the sport takes over the world nor do I want it to turn in to some rolling spec series with a political hierarchy that rivals the State of Illinois government. I want it to happen so that the quality of the people that compete in Time Attack get some much deserved attention for the quality of character they bring to the motorsports world.

And with that we bring you the final results and look forward to the Super Lap Battle Finale in November. 


ENTHUSIAST AWD | 1 | 01:43.113 | Daniel O'Donnell – EVO X
ENTHUSIAST AWD | 2 | 01:45.596 | Aaron Byram – 2015 WRX


ENTHUSIAST RWD | 1 | 01:49.783 | Roy Narvaez – Unharmed Rental
ENTHUSIAST RWD | 2 | 01:57.340 | Miles Gunther – Toyota Corolla 


Filthy Joe Ascoli gets dirty… Maybe if he switched to actual camouflage the dirt would blend in more? Regardless it was fun to watch him bounce off this curbing and drive the grip to the outside in his Limited AWD EVO. Joe would take the win in Limited AWD.

LIMITED AWD | 1 | 01:32.289 | Joe Ascoli – EVO VIII
LIMITED AWD | 2 | 01:33.910 | Nathan Cicio – Audi R8
LIMITED AWD | 3 | 01:34.349 | Ivo Mitkov – Impreza RS
LIMITED AWD | 4 | 01:43.378 | John Denise – Nissan GTR


The pztuning RSX came from Canada to take the top spot in Limited FWD at the hands of Will Au-Yeung. Notice the rear air straightener on the hatch ahead of the rear wing? 

LIMITED FWD | 1 | 01:34.113 | Will Au-Yeung – Acura RSX
LIMITED FWD | 2 | 01:38.690 | Joe Ippolito – Nissan Sentra Spec V
LIMITED FWD | 3 | 01:43.979 | Cooper Pierce – Honda Civic
LIMITED FWD | 4 | 01:47.963 | Andrew Meek – Integra Type ARR


The Evasive FR-S would turn a lot of laps over the weekend and prove to be reliable. The balance of the car allowed them to achieve 3rd place in the highly contested Limited RWD class with just 300HP. 

LIMITED RWD | 1 | 01:28.259 | Cody Kishel – Chevy Corvette
LIMITED RWD | 2 | 01:30.086 | Tyler McQuarrie – BMW M3
LIMITED RWD | 3 | 01:30.570 | Rob Walker – Scion FR-S
LIMITED RWD | 4 | 01:37.175 | Kevin Parlett – Infiniti G35
LIMITED RWD | 5 | 01:39.031 | Michael Gardner – Nissan 350Z
LIMITED RWD | 6 | 01:40.004 | Will Wattanawongkiri – Nissan 240SX
LIMITED RWD | 7 | 01:44.063 | Joshua Garcia – Toyota Corolla
LIMITED RWD | 8 | 01:48.071 | Josh Todd – Nissan 370Z


Also out in the Limited RWD class was the G35 of Kevin Parlett. The new livery looked great and the car was reliable all weekend. It was nice to see Kevin have a complete weekend with no drama and he wound up a respectable 4th place. 

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