Holley Officially Releases the SkyRam Intake for LS Motors!

Holley claims that the manifold gives your typical LS engine a VE of 180% plus across 80% of the rev range.  Amazingly VE is improved 30% at idle!  Due to the effect of overlapping high order harmonics, the tune of the intake is not affected by the cam profile or the header tuned length.  In fact, since the node chambers act as reversion traps, a cam with an extremely tight lobe centerline can be run with no ill effect with a smooth idle.

The SkyRam has provisions for 40 MAP and Intake Air Temp sensors attractively tucked out of sight.  We asked Gearhart why this was necessary.  “With the super long runners and fluctuating column density, the runners act as a huge air capacitor, and multiple MAP and IAT sensors are needed to accurately calculate the volume of the incoming air charge”. The MAP sensors are tied into Holley’s new MAP CAN box that interprets the readings of the multiple sensors for the OEM and aftermarket stand-alone ECUs for a plug-and-play simple installation.

If the SkyRam wasn’t enough, it can be coupled with NOS’s new MoonShot 3500 hp Nitrous system!

The Moon shot features 10 stages of Nitrous featuring the MaxBlend plate system.  The MaxBlend plate emulsifies the Nitrous/Fuel mixture and injects it into the intake air stream via an annular nozzle that does not affect the flow of the incoming air.  The cryogenic homogeneous mixture of fuel and nitrous also enhances the tuning of the SkyRam through charge densification for even more power and more power range!


  1. The Paulus effect… Is that what happens when the air molecules spend so much time in the runner that they start discussing what they should do about fuel management?

  2. The Pauli effect or Pauli’s device corollary is the supposed tendency of technical equipment to encounter critical failure in the presence of certain people. The term was coined after mysterious anecdotal stories involving Austrian theoretical physicist Wolfgang Pauli, describing numerous instances in which demonstrations involving equipment suffered technical problems only when he was present.

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