Holley Officially Releases the SkyRam Intake for LS Motors!

The MoonShot is topped with twin 2000 CFM Holley 4 barrel throttle bodies to accommodate the massive flow demands this manifold creates.  The Moonshot’s stages can be controlled by NOS’s new SpaceShot control module which PWM fires each stage sequentially to enhance the tuning of the SkyRam and to gradually increase the power of the system over several minutes so as not to completely overwhelm the tires.

Most importantly the controller also has the awesome BUOTL (Blow Up On The Line) setting that fires all 10 stages at once!  Perfect for getting the most attention at car shows, meets, and sideshows!  Imagine the likes and followers you can get on social media using this setting when it destroys everything in a 100-foot radius! Mustangs will have nothing on you! Lastly, the SkyRam system has been certified by SFI and the NHRA as a rollover protection device for cars running an ET of up to 9.00 seconds!

The SkyRam and MoonShot will be available today only at Holley, Click the link below!

Enter and win a SkyRam manifold here!






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