Inaugural Global Time Attack Breaks Off Records at WSIR




JC Meynet had already broken the Limited GT AWD on his first outing but was hungry for more in the OMG Racing Subaru STI.  In an attempt to reset his own record set the day before he hurt the motor on the hot lap in what may have been an even deeper record time.  Regardless JC Meynet sits high on the throne in the Limited GT AWD class and it’s gonna take one bad mother to knock him off.




Chris Rado stares with either amusment or disgust.  Amazingly the Need for Speed/World Racing Scion tC FWD car was able to beat their own record with a hurt head gasket and they were not running under full power.  


LIC Motorsports brought their Subaru STI out of retirement for the GTA event with a new pilot at the helm, long time time attack veteran Dr. Russell Warr.  The LIC guys had a great weekend and were running double duty in the GTA Limited GT AWD class and the NASA TTR class.  They finished the day with a 1st place and 2nd place finish.  Congrats and we hope to see more of LIC this year. 


Anthony Szirka and UMS Tuning were busy all weekend running their Mitsubishi EVO in the Unlimited GT AWD class and acting as GTA Tech officials for the event.  The UMS Tuning EVO finished 2nd place in their class.


Casey Dennis in the GMR Motorsports Honda S2000 has been slowly climbing the ladder and grabbed his first win in time attack in the Unlimited GT RWD class.


Didn’t we say it would take a bad mo’fo to knock JC Meynet off his throne?  He’s also got a torque wrench in his hand ready to beat you if you try.  OMG Racing is the undisputed king in the Limited GT AWD class.


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