Inaugural Global Time Attack Breaks Off Records at WSIR



Chris Rado in the Need for Speed/World Racing FWD Scion tC goes two off in the dirt.  This turn has been given the name Omega since it looks just like the Greek letter and is a very tricky turn to maneuver properly, especially when you’re trying to control 1500hp.


The rear diffuser and wing setup on the GST Motorsports Impreza was throwing up a perfect rooster tail of smoke when they were burning a small amount of oil on their downpipe.  They broke the Unlimited GT AWD  record and they still haven’t put the car into kill mode.  They are off to Australia soon to represent Team USA in the World Time Attack Challenge.


Giant carboard checks always make things so much more fun!  Here the crew from Sportcar Motion take home some winnings for their efforts in Unlimited GT FF. 


Mike Bonanni of Berk Technology and Fred Su of Evolution Racewerks pose for their podium finish in the Street GT RWD class.  The two teams fought the closest battle of the weekend where a mere 0.168 of a second separated the two teams.  Both BMW 135i’s are running on the same ultra sticky Hankook Ventus RS3 street tires.


Here the Apollo Performance crew stands for their 2011 perfect win streak photo.  


The UMS Tuning crew took their experience running their AZ based UMS Time Attack Challenge and served as the tech stewards for GTA as well.


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