Inaugural Global Time Attack Breaks Off Records at WSIR



Breathing in E85 fumes can make you do funny things.  Hellafunctional editor at large Pete LeClaire and OMG Racing driver JC Meynet pose after taking the win and the record.


The AFI Turbo Honda S2000 wears a fiberglass front nose clip similar to what you see on drag cars.  It is very lightweight and makes servicing the engine bay very easy once the nose is taken off.


The LIC crew and Levy brothers re-debut their Subaru STI for GTA.


It may look bizzarre but the application of a large front wing is actually genius when you have an open rule book.  Sprint cars do it so why not FWD Scions?   It is reminiscent of the Bergenholtz brothers and their application of wheelie bars on FWD Honda’s back in the glory days of import drag racing.


1st & 2nd Place get you a giant carboard check & champagne.  3rd place gets you a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a set of steak knives.


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