Inaugural Global Time Attack Breaks Off Records at WSIR



The Apollo Performance Subaru STI and driver Clint Boisdeau are on a roll this year.  After suffering several engine failures at time attack events in 2010 they are back with a vengeance with a perfect win streak so far in 2011.  They did not disappoint at GTA in the Street GT AWD class and took home another win.


Good things come in small sizes.  Subcompact driver Clint Boisdeau in his subcompact Apollo Performance Ford Focus again took the win in Street GT FF.  Clint is on a winning streak that is spanning over a year now in Street FWD and he holds a number of time attack records at various tracks.


Dave Lemon debuts his newly turbocharged AIT Widebody MazdaTrix RX8.  The MazdaTrix RX8 was supercharged for the 2010 season and now sports a radically modified 12 port rotary that puts down over 400hp to the wheels.  Dave took home 1st place in the Limited GT RWD class with the help of his new partnership with Goodyear Tire.  Dave will also be making a comeback in the MotoIQ PTCC in the Tuner Over Class.


Meanwhile Larry Chen of Speedhunters, Team Need for Speed and Drift Fotos goes bird watching on the outskirts of the track.


Full time fireman during the week and time attack racer on the weekends.  Matt Dennison in his Mitsubishi EVO takes 2nd in Street GT AWD.


All of the teams were chasing the hot setup all weekend long.  Here Kenny from Evolution Racewerks goes over the wall to check tire temps and pressures on their Hankook RS3 tires.  The Hankooks have dominated the time attack scene and most of the records are held by cars running Hankook tires.


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