Industry Insider: SimCraft
close up of simcraft S machined into a sparkly coated piece of metal
While the standard powdercoat is textured/wrinkled black, custom colors are available to order. Of course, that comes at a price.

Want your simulator to come in a bass boat metal flake? You got it. Just sign here.


tilton pedal assemblies neatly lined up and fading into the background
Remember those Tilton boxes? Well, here’s what they’re doing with them.

SimCraft takes a standard floor-mounted Tilton pedal assembly and then modifies it artfully for use in sim racing.


back side of tilton pedal assembly with load cell and other electronics attached, bright blue wires visible
Here’s a picture of the back-side of their custom Tilton set up.

You can see a small potentiometer to measure the throttle position, and then a large load cell assembly to measure brake pedal pressure. You may have seen some very high-end sim racing brake pedal setups that use actual car hydraulics. SimCraft doesn’t do this. Why?


Zero companies make hydraulic setups where they guarantee a lifetime of leak-free operation. When there’s a $125,000 simulator sitting in some person’s sim racing cave, and it’s leaking hydraulic fluid all over the floor, angry phone calls commence. And it’s not like SimCraft will or can come to clean up the mess quickly.

So, they’ve designed a supermodular captured spring braking setup that feels pretty darned close to the real thing.


several springs, a black rubber tube, and a metal cylinder with some fasteners laying on a table
Here are a few different strength springs, a rubber insert, and an assembled brake module.

SimCraft includes both a 2″ and 3.5″ brake cylinder, plus extra, lighter springs to experiment with for your ideal brake setup. There is a rubber insert that goes in the center of the spring, which they can also supply in various durometers and lengths. In the end, what you get is a highly customizable brake pedal that can be adjusted to achieve the feel that you desire, with no messy cleanup or leaks. And if you don’t like the stuff that comes in the box, they use standard-sized springs, and you can simply go out into the market and purchase your own.

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