Industry Insider: SimCraft
tilton pedal assembly installed in simulator footwell
Here’s the view of the fully assembled and installed Tilton pedal unit.

You might notice that the brake module doesn’t have a nice powder-coated spring capture tube on it. That’s because they were testing some new designs. SimCraft is continually tweaking and improving their components, and often from direct customer feedback. When a guy like Denny Hamlin, the famous NASCAR driver, suggests that you tweak something, you might want to listen.


racing seat laying face down on floor with FedEx racing sticker and autograph on back, with speaker/transducer visible bolted to bottom of seat
Oh, speaking of Denny Hamlin, here’s a seat that he autographed which used to be in his SimCraft simulator.

SimCraft is auctioning it for charity.


wired remote control with up-down button

You might have also noticed that the pedal assembly was mounted on an actuator. Yes, they even thought of that, too. You can simply press a button to move the entire pedal assembly forwards or backward once you have your seat height dialed in.

No, the seat currently isn’t power-adjustable. But maybe SimCraft is listening to your feedback and will add that, too.

I’ll leave you with this moment of zen — watching the Apex6 Pro simulate laps around the Detroit Grand Prix circuit.



By the way, SimCraft is working on an open-source community for building DIY versions of their cockpits. You can find out more about it at

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