Industry Insider: SimCraft
steering wheel and dashboard assembly tilted up and out of the way
Since you want to be able to get in and out of the cockpit easily, just about everything that you would want to move is movable.

The entire steering setup lifts up and out of the way so you can easily egress from the cockpit. The dashboard also features an added button box and an external LCD. The left-side monitor can be swung out of the way simply by pulling a spring-loaded pin that goes into a rod-end.


LMP-style sim racing wheel with adjustable dials, back-lit buttons, and tiny joysticks
Here’s a close-up of the steering wheel equipped on the floor model Apex6 Pro.

If you are trying to practice driving your LMP2 car, this is the wheel for you. Made by Precision Sim Engineering, the LM Pro features fully functional dials and buttons that are back-lit. It even has cute little joysticks! This thing is about as realistic as it gets.

It is attached to a Simcube 2 Pro direct drive steering box. Most professionals swear by direct drive steering wheels for simulators as they provide the most precise and accurate feedback with some of the highest torque available. For high-powered race cars that often have heavy or difficult steering, this means a realistic sensation of sawing the wheel.

I’ll tell you, after only a few minutes of driving the simulator, my arms started to get tired. It wasn’t as bad as indoor karting on a tiny track, but I certainly noticed that I was working.


close up of Sabelt FIA certification sticker
The demo unit they have in their warehouse happens to be sporting a Sabelt, just like Project SC300!

Any real racing simulator is going to use a real racing seat, and, like the paint options, SimCraft will outfit your cockpit with just about whatever seat you want or choose from one of their standard options.


linear actuators attached to cockpit tubes with racing seat and steering wheel visible to the right
Here’s a view of some of the actuators once they are installed.

You can also see that the cockpit is equipped with a large number of speakers (for full surround sound) as well as transducers/vibrators that provide additional feedback (for example, when going over rumble strips).

You can also start to understand how each of the degrees of freedom is completely separate from the other degrees. If you remember playing with a gyroscope as a kid, the various rings were all able to move independently, and the SimCraft design is very similar to that. Each “layer” can move on its axis without affecting any of the others.

Oh, and in case you want to drive some pedestrian race car that happens to have a stick shift, like how ogres use, you’ve got that, too. You proletariat you.

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