Industry Insider- We Visit Turn 14 Distribution!


Turn 14 is well staffed to serve you better with 42 full-time employees.  The employees specialties include sales, technical sales, sales assistance, marketing, graphic design, logistics, information technology, web development, and shipping.  This level of employee to customer ratio helps Turn 14 work towards giving the customer a seamless purchasing experience.  Employees involved directly with customers undergo a lot of all important technical product training directly with partner suppliers to help ensure that good advice can be given for technical sales.
To help ensure excellent service and fast order turnaround, Turn 14  utilizes a forecasting strategy that consists of understanding popular niche vehicle markets along with inventorying of partner manufacturers’ full product lines. Exclusive to Turn 14 manufacturers' promotions ensure that products are marketed efficiently and correctly to each customer's target audience (like through MotoIQ!). Turn 14 Distribution's online inventory, efficient forecasting, and top-notch Customer Service and Order Processing Departments cut lead times and keep customers informed. Turn 14's goal is to provide their customers the sales, marketing and post-sales support needed to succeed in the modern marketplace.
Turn 14 is much more than a place for dealers to buy parts. Turn 14's Sales and Marketing Departments are staffed by industry veterans with retail and manufacturing backgrounds who are also avid real deal enthusiasts. This experience gives a unique perspective on each level of the supply chain, helping Turn 14 Distribution to both collaborate with manufacturers and assist customers in sales.  Turn 14's experienced staff can also provide assistance in after sales activities to help move product including but not limited to; showroom design, marketing promotions, etc. Sales support comes from their Order Processing and Customer Service departments, who work to provide fast fulfillment, thorough follow-up and updates, and unparalleled support. We were most impressed by the amount of information available to the customer during on-line purchases.  When ordering you can see if a part is in stock, how many parts are in stock at Turn 14 or in stock at the manufacturer, if a part is on back order, and what the lead time might be before the part is back in stock.  This is all critical information when managing a complicated project like building a car for a customer.
The warehouse has plenty of equipment.  We were wondering why this super tall forklift was needed at first.
Then it became clear that it's needed to pick parts from the super high racks stuffed full of inventory ready to be shipped out in short order!
 A look at one of the hundreds of huge racks in the warehouse.

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