Industry Insider- We Visit Turn 14 Distribution!


Incoming stocking orders are held at the loading dock until they can be inspected, confirmed for correctness and entered into the inventory control system.
Only once things are verified is incoming freight moved into stock. Turn 14's data systems offer their customers the necessary tools and information for a strong competitive edge. From modern parts handling equipment to the impressive computer network which connects the warehouse, offices, and customers to a wealth of data. Turn 14's state of the art website offers customers real-time inventory, lead times, order history, and a industry-leading, trade-only, news system.  To our knowledge, only Turn 14 has this sort of valuable information available at their customers fingertips.
ACL engine bearings await delivery into inventory.  With 52,000 square feet of warehouse space, the chances Turn14 will have the parts you need in stock are quite good.
From looking at what is coming in and going out, it is obvious that Turn 14 is working hard to keep their order fill rate percentage high.
Orders to be picked are brought up to the staging and packing area by computer.
As the orders are built up, they are placed in bins with the pick sheet.  This is later checked and double checked for quality control.  The order cannot be released unless it is properly entered.

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