Industry Insider- We Visit Turn 14 Distribution!


Orders of bulky items are staged on the conveyer belt.


Large orders are staged in this area for special packing.


No order is too small for good service!


Turn 14's location is strategically located by several major shipping hubs.  Their shipping power allows for fast shipping at competitive rates.


Some say that the age of the Warehouse Distributor is dead, that manufacturer direct to consumer via the web is the future of retailing.  After visiting Turn 14 we think that in the case of technical low volume niche products like performance parts it might not be the hottest way to go.

Turn 14 is a young, forward looking WD that embraces the web and technology.  Technology is used as a competitive advantage to speed fulfillment and innovatively provide better customer service.  We think that this might be worth a few points of cost.  If you are in the Motorsports business, you might want to give them a try, it's easy!




Turn 14 Distribution



Turn14 logo



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