Industry Insider- We Visit Turn 14 Distribution!


The warehouse, floor to ceiling inventory, all computer controlled with automated pick and pack listing ensuring quality control in order management.  You are not likely to get a mispacked or short order with Turn 14!
This is how the forklift is used to quickly reach the top shelves. Yes, the operator is wearing a safety belt!  Do you see the stripe on the ground in the middle of the aisle?  It is an automated control for the forklift to steer it automatically to avoid hitting the racks, high tech stuff!
Part of the appeal of working with a WD should be better sales service and faster fulfillment that the manufacturer can't provide.  After spending some time walking around in Turn 14's warehouse, we feel that this is true just from our observed volume of parts we saw in stock! Since we visit Whiteline USA all the time, we can tell you that Turn 14 stocks nearly as much (if not more) Whiteline parts that are ready to ship to your hands the next day as Whiteline USA!
Rows and rows of Hawk brake pads ready to go.  I bet that Turn 14 has plenty of stock on every Hawk pad.
Way more Cobb parts than Cobb Socal has in stock ready for you right now.
Literally tons of Tein!  If Turn 14 doesn't have it in stock, the manufacturer's stock is also checked.  So a part can be drop shipped straight from the manufacturer to the dealer/shop!

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