Inside the Cosworth VQ35DE Rev-Up! Part 1


Our JWT springs and cylinder head seating shims were WPC treated for increased fatigue life.  WPC treated springs operate at lower temperatures.
We are running stock Nissan DLC coated cam followers.  We WPC treated the sides of the followers.
You can see the stem undercutting of the Supertech intake valve and the tulip shaped profile.  These features both serve to increase flow.
JWT C9R cams are ground on new chilled iron billets to OEM quality standards.
 We WPC treated the JWT cams for reduced friction.

Like the main caps, we are going to use ARP studs to secure the cylinder heads.  We decided to use ARP studs over the stock torque to yield bolts for the same reasons why we used them on the mains; easier on the block threads, more accurate torque readings and greater clamping torque.

Like the main studs, the ARP head studs are made of high strength 8740 chrome moly steel. The ARP head studs also have  rolled asymmetrical J-form threads and a reduced center diameter to decrease stress risers. ARP head studs have the same high quality forged nuts and precision ground and hardened washers for accurate torque and positive retention.

So you got a good look at the parts we are using for our killer VQ35DE. Stay tuned, in our next edition, we will show Cosworth's special machining and assembly techniques used in building some of the best performance and racing long blocks out there!


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