Introducing Garrett Motions New GVW Series Wastegates

Garrett Advancing Motion has just released their new line of external wastegates for controlling turbo boost!  The wastegates are available in three sizes, the GVW40 with a 40mm valve, the GVW45 with a 45mm valve, and the large GVW50 with a 50mm high flowing valve.  These valve sizes will allow Garrett to cover the entire market from mild turbocharged street machines to high-power drag cars!  Garrett wastegates offer great flow, equal to or better than the leading wastegates on the market.  They also have industry-leading durability, actuation stability, and heat resistance.

Garrett GVW wastegates come with all the fittings and hardware to set them up. All of the hardware is made of high-quality and non-corrosive materials such as 304 stainless.  The GVW40 and 45mm wastegates use the Tial base flange pattern and will interchange with Tial wastegates and in the case of the GVW50, the Turbosmart pattern.  The GVW wastegates use 304 stainless billet V-Band style clamps for a quick one-bolt installation and removal of each flange.

The GVW wastegates come with a 14.5 psi spring installed and also come with optional springs included to set the native wastegate pressure from 3 psi to 25 psi. When tuning a wastegate for the best action you should use the spring weight closest to your minimum set pressure.  A boost controller will then allow up to 100% more boost pressure above this point. We love these included optional springs because the other leading wastegates on the market only come with one spring and if you want to change the native boost pressure you need to buy the spring needed.  The Garrett springs are made of non-corroding, fatigue, and temperature-resistant, 17/7 stainless steel alloy for consistency and reliability.

The GVW wastegates come with all the needed hardware for the V-bands, air, and water fittings. All of the hardware is high quality and non-corrosive.  They are also all available separately as service parts.

The wastegates valve housing shape was optimized for the best flow with the smallest profile using CFD or computational fluid dynamic simulation. In benchmark testing, the GVW wastegate flows as well or is better than the other top-quality wastegates on the market.

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  1. It seems like a really well designed and built product! The development and testing involved is so rigorous, and material choice so well considered, that you end up with a wastegate that offers reliability, durability, performance, and ease of service. Oh, and mounting/setup options to help get ideal placement on almost any build. Thoroughly enjoyed your video overview of the new wastegates as well.

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